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Fine & Decorative Art

Do NOT Overpay for Expensive Art,
Do NOT Under Sell your Art.

Caveat Emptor - Art Valuation

Art Price Data Analysis,
Modelling, Forecasting

Accurate Art Valuation & Pricing
For Buyers, Sellers, Investors

Art Physical Inspection & Survey
at auction house or art dealer

We produce bespoke work and innovative solutions.

We analyse and are expert
in both Fine & Decorative Arts.

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Why we are ESSENTIAL
in todays fiercely competitive art market!

Independent, no conflict advice
We act as your agent to bring you the best deals
and results through our long experience and contacts.
We represent our clients with discretion and in confidence.

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Art Physical Inspection & Survey for Online Buyers and Sellers
Buyer Pre Purchase and Seller Sale Reports to minimise art risk
With our analysis you are empowered in the transaction.
Robust, cutting edge PhD Modelling
Accurate art econometric valuation & pricing
for buyers, sellers, investors

We calculate mispricing, (low, fair, high) in the fine & decorative art markets.

to minimise risk.
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e.g. Paintings, Chinese ceramics, English & French furniture etc for bespoke Fine and Decorative Art Indexes & Portfolios.

Since 1989, we go from the general to the specific.

Our Services : We help our clients in making some of their most important decisions using bespoke financial models and analytical tools.

ART PRICE DOUBLE CHECK, Art Price Optimization

As our client we cover your needs through our 28 + years experience & expertise. Thanks to our unique PhD econometric models (Mathematics, Statistics, Economics) plus fine art qualifications and experience at the top auction houses of Christie’s & Sothebys’ and fine art dealership in Mayfair, London.

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Through modelling we can predict art markets weeks or months in advance.

We anticipate volatility and market activity.

Buy or Sell Art NOW?

Econometrics is a useful investment tool and is used to measure complex economic relationships. If interest rates rise and the stock market falls what is the effect on my art collection?

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We undertake independent pre purchase art surveys and physical inspections for online art buyers.

Art Price Double Check - the buyer must be certain of the sales price which is being offered in the market. We crunch the numbers and do the analysis for you to determine bargain price, fair price or excessive price .

Let's take an example of mispriced art with an important Modern British artist- LS Lowry

Over a thirty year period the famous UK artist LS Lowry RA (1887-1976) has yielded high returns of 16% per year. The more recent the artist the more easily their work can become devalued. LS Lowry is the market leader with good upside potential.

Our econometrics valued the painting at 200-250,000 in 2004. On the auction day it fetched a bargain 130,000 hammer price. Today the painting is worth in excess of 1.5 million GBP.

Econometrics can spot examples of mispricing (under /over priced) in the fine & decorative art markets.

Roger with LS Lowry “The Beach at Penarth” formerly in the Elton John Collection.

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Please Contact: Roger Stiles at ArtMetricX

+ 44 (0)207 293 0320

+ 44 (0)777 648 6390

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